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The Interior

Interior For Him

Enjoy the coziest mobile privy on the Jamaican island. Features such as AC, music, touch-less faucet and our waterless and environmentally friendly urinal, will have you doing your business in comfort.

Women Interior 2.jpg

Interior For Her

We dare you to spend under two minutes in this room. Ignore the vanity mirror, the soft background music, the fresh exotic flowers, the cool air caressing you, and the artwork. Two minutes...we dare you.

Touching Less

We designed our restrooms to offer a minimal touch, germ free experience with our:

  • Pedal flush toilets 

  • Hands-free faucets and sanitizers 

  • Pull-to-use paper towels

  • Waterless urinal, and

  • "Exit tissues".


We want all your guests to have a 'clean getaway'.

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