About Us

On a hot summer's day in 2017 my daughters and I attended a very popular sporting event at one of the major Kingston universities. We were given the option of

VIP or regular entry. We went regular. Moments had passed when my daughter and I had to use the restroom. As was expected, we were greeted with a small plastic box. There was hardly any room inside, it smelled, and I was afraid to touch or put my personal belongings anywhere. After exiting I figured the VIPs must've had something better to use. I was wrong. That's when the idea for a superior restroom service/experience was born.


PrivySi was established in 2018. The name is a combination of Privy (which also means: 'toilet located in an outside shed') and the Spanish word "Si" (which means, 'Yes'). So yes, it's a (luxury) toilet found in a mobile trailer that is meant to give you maximum PRIVACY. 

We are an environmentally friendly company that uses far less water than the average restrooms, recycled paper, hypoallergenic cleaning products, and chemicals that help to break down waste. 


We have also added a few features to ensure that touching surfaces is kept to a minimum. Doing this protects you our customers, from contracting or spreading bacteria and viruses. 

We want you to enjoy this unit. It was built and designed for you to get the ultimate restroom experience.


PrivySi, go in luxury.