...To Jamaica's Finest Luxury Mobile Restroom

Warm days, cool nights, you're enjoying the event's delights. A drink or two, a bite or few, you talk a bit, laugh a fit.

Then out of the blue you feel the cue. The restroom's calling, time to move, no time for crawling. With a smile on your face you see the PrivySi in place, 15 ft long, 12 ft tall, nothing's more urgent than getting into that stall.


Door swung wide you go inside, pausing in awe because of what you saw. To take it all in now is a definite NO, nature's calling, you really need to GO.

Time slows down as you look aroun', taking it all in, feeling relieved from within.

AC, music, and LED lights complements this unit's luxurious delights. You're impressed with the 'touch less' features, which were added to stop the spread of germ type creatures.

A BANG on the door is what it takes, for you to realize someone too anxiously awaits.


You step outside with a pleasing smile, knowing you'll return in a short short while.


(876) 393-1226

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